End of May 2020 fishing update

For those looking for some good news, the fishing on the West coast of Vancouver Island can provide some! With little commercial pressure on Halibut or Salmon the fishing has been excellent. We have had consistent halibut catches on some of the closer in pinnacles and structure 3 to 4 miles offshore. Salmon have entered the Sound, and we have had Chinook Salmon to 25 Lbs less than 10 minutes from the Lodge at Inner Black Rock and some nice catches at low rock as well. The low rock to high rock tack was a consistent producer for Chinook last year so its good to see them coming in now. We will be open this season, for sure for Canadian guests, and for Americans if the border opens up. Contact us for Bring your own boat or guided packages. Chinook are open, two per day hatchery or wild, and Coho just opened up also 2 per day hatchery or wild in area 25. We haven'

t seen any coho yet, but expect some to start showing up soon.

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