2021 Halibut Limits Announces

The 2021 Halibut regulations have been announced by D.F.O. The good news is the 2021 limits are unchanged from 2020. So anglers can catch:

- One halibut per day between 90cm (about 25lbs) and 126 cm (about 60lbs). The possession limit is 1.


- One halibut per day under 90cm with a possession limit of 2.

Salmon, Ling cod and rockfish limits have not been announced, but we expect to see no changes for 2021. In 2020 the limits were:

- Salmon: 4 per day (of which 2 can be chinook) and a possession limit of 8 (of which 4 can be chinook)

Ling Cod:2 per day. possession limit of 4

Rock fish: 3 per day, possession limit of 6

The West Coast of Vancouver island is one of the few drive in accessible areas on the coast with limits of 4 salmon per day, wild or hatchery!

We still have dates available for fully guided fishing, and Bring Your own Boat (BYOB) packages!

Call Robert at 949-456-3791 for more information!

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