2019 Season in Review

Overall the 2019 Fishing season was excellent in the Esperanza Inlet area. It started out with some uncertainty with DFO waiting until well into April to announce significant restrictions for Chinook salmon fishing over much of the west coast. In Area 25 we were fortunate to escape the brunt of the restrictions, with fishing allowed up to 1NM offshore from the surfline. Chinook were open 2 per day, and fishing was superb from about the 2nd week of June fishing Pin Rock, Low Rock and off of Catella Island. The Low Rock to High Rock tack just kept producing consistent Chinook catches right in to August, there was usually no need to fish salmon offshore! Halibut fishing was consistent all year on the many pinnacles off shore, anywhere from 3 to 12 miles out. The biggest of the year was 66lbs, right at the 126cm max size. Ling fishing was not quite up to past standards, but there were many lings brought in from 15-30lbs, but you had to work for them. An unusual August saw a lot of rain, which seemed to bring the Chinook in, and through the inlets very quickly. The inlet spots, Rosa, Double Island, Garden Point, all the way to Steamer Point never consistently produced Chinook all summer. The beach and off shore areas were better. While coho fishing started off well, they almost disappeared toward the end of August, and there were very few offshore unlike past years where there were so many they were a nuisance. , There were no consistent catches in the usual areas like Center Island into September either. We will be open from the 28th of May in 2020, so be sure to book your guided fishing adventure, or BYOB space early before space fills up!

July 30lb Tyee!
July 30lb Tyee

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